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Fernanda Bastos 1st degree connection1st Fernanda has a account Psychologist/Executive Function Coach/ESE Teacher/Interpreter

Mauritz posses the talent, experience, and training to truly be a competent neuropsychologist. His professionalism has been nothing less than stellar. I highly recommend him!

Rron Rizvanolli

I help online coaches and consulants scale their business

With his extensive knowledge in both psychology and neuroscience, i was engaged in the unlimited potential our humans can cultivate.

John Jacob, CFP

Wealth Management and Investment Advisory professional

Mauritz or Mo as he is popularly known as has a deep understanding of how the brain and mind works and is on a mission to educate anyone who is keen on tapping into the limitless power of their own minds. He is a keen listener and is able to quickly identify the problem areas in people’s thinking patterns and tailor-make appropriate solutions to address them. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge of the working of their brain and mind and how by gaining mastery over their thoughts, they can take charge of their lives.

Wendy Newman

1st degree connection1st Wendy has a account Rapid response at NHS Torquay, United Kingdom

after a quick message regarding a head injury as a child, Mauritz has given me so much information which has answered so many worrying thoughts. After spending years with drs being diagnosed with depression and ibs, I collected an inhaler from my gp recently and immediately felt better. I was telling Mauritz about this who went on to explain what has been happening to me and told me how it would effect me. I couldn't have described it better my self. I am lost for words at the relief. excited to learn more. Thank you Mauritz x

Marco Iosa

EC Psychology and Psychiatry

I am truly fortunate to have publication association with Mo. Who is having exceptional expertise in Neuropsychology and Brain Science? It’s been a pleasure to have an association with Mo and I wish to have the same active participation in the journal activities all the time. Thank you once again, Mo and you earn my highest recommendation.

Adjodha Maharaj

HSBC Hong Kong

I've recently come to know Mauritz and during our conversations I was struck by a few things. 1. He was extremely easy to talk to and a good listener. During our conversations I realised that he was someone I could talk to for hours and not get bored. 2. He is extremely knowledgeable about his subject area. I found the depth of his knowledge extremely interesting and appreciated the way it played a big part in our talks. 3. There is a lot of heart, empathy and passion in his work and he put everything out there when he engages someone. These and other qualities endeared me to him and inspired our conversations on a wide variety of subjects from fitness to mental and emotional health, the challenges we face in life daily, how our mental state affects everything we say and do among other areas. I was able to gain deeper insight into areas of psychology in I already understood from my own studies. I look forward to have more conversations with Mauritz and believe anyone would benefit from hearing him speak at formal occasions as well as casual situations.

Pedro Alberto Iserhard

Mauritz (Mo) Fensham is an excellent Neuropsychology and Brain Science Coach professional. Has excellent professional knowledge in realizing the human potential for growth, achieving really very significant changes, seeking results for your client. Very confident in his proposals, encouraging and gaining credibility with those who are with him. Mauritz is very ethical in his work and always very committed. Very capable in serving and being with their clients, in which they care a lot for them. He has extensive experience of combinations such as NLP, psychotherapy, coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy, always seeking the ultimate goal in seeking the expected outcome of his patient / client. A person of great qualities, always focused on his work with people / clients, seeking principles oriented with a great understanding of people's behavior and emotions, Its strengths are Planning, Resilience and Persistence. For these reasons I RECOMMEND IT!

Dr. Jackie Chan PHd Doctor of Psychology, Chartered Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Marriage and Family Therapist, PsyD, 陳曉洋博士 Chartered psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Counselor Educator

It is my great pleasure to know Mauritz personally and professionally. Any people have a brief encounter with him can immediately sense a fascinating combination of both strength and kindness in his charismatic personality. Mauritz’s wisdom and professional knowledge in actualizing human potential for infinite growth and change truly impress me and surely entice one to have hours of inspiring intellectual exchange with him.

Quayyum Shaikh

Managing Director at Black Whale

He's extremely effective in he's coaching approach and facilitatingchange effectively.

Dr. Mizuyo Matsumoto

I had a chance to have ICF coaching course in BKK with him. And I have always inspired his deep insight. He is very gentle, intelligent, calm and confident. I really enjoyed being his company.

Deepty Tiwari

Coach (ICF certified) and Independent Consultant

Mauritz is a natural leader when it comes to connection, care, direction and improvement. With his readiness and NLP knowledge and insights he makes a deep impact on people and creates instant results. With his active listening and in-depth knowledge on emotional intelligence and coaching he has helped me to gain positive perspective. If you are looking for one of the most authentic, agile, calm and knowledgeable coach with highest standards of professional integrity- I will highly recommend Mauritz to you.

Syed Yassin Syed Anayatullah

Winner for ASEAN Young Social Entrepreneur Award, Manila | Aug 2017

Mo is perfect example of Leader with heart. He is a coach, NLP practitioner and Nutritionist. I like it when he inspired me to lose weight and it’s very impactful Meet him at coach the coach training. Myself as a coach really inspired on how he handles things and situations. His wisdom to coach the coach is really amazing.

Depak Shorey

Operations and Defence Relations

I had an opportunity to do a coaching program with Mauritz recently. I found him to be calm and collected. I enjoyed his conversations on eating right and doing right in exercises. I admire his discipline and thought process. Even in the areas of coaching, I know that he will move many laps beyond his current state and it will be an exciting journey for him as he embarks on his brain coaching. I wish him all the best!

Prof. Benjamin Edmunds

Middle School Principal at KPIS International School, Certified ICF Coach (ACSTH)

Mauritz is without a consummate professional who has not only the required expertise and understanding of his field but also the emotional intelligence and depth of care needed for developing human relationships. This authenticity is in all honesty hard to find everywhere that you go; his level of calm combined with an indepth insight into the world that we live in only adds to his professional appeal

Kwai Kuan (Elaine Grace Tan) Tan

20 years as ASEAN Motivation Trainer, Cooperate Trainer and ICF Life Coach and Country Training and Marketing Manager.

I am Very Fortunate to know Mauritz Fensham. He has such a Great Personality and a Sincere Big Heart to Help Anyone He Can. He is Very Confident and Competent in his Coaching Ability. He uses NLP and Powerful Questions in his Coaching to help me Breakthrough 20 years of sadness and hurts that I kept inside me and now I feel so Free and Confident of Myself again. He helped me to have a Goal and a Clear Vision that I can do Great Business in Hong Kong and I am very Confident that I can do very well because of his Continuous Support and Coaching. He is a Dedicated Professional with an Extremely High Work Ethic and a Very Responsible person. I Highly Recommend him for anyone who wants to have a Life-Changing Experience / Finding The Purpose in Your Life and Achieving All Your Goals / Overcome Personal Issues / Getting Rid of Bad Habits in order to Achieved Results / Finding your Goals and Step by Step how to achieve it and to have Confidence and Stronger Believe in Yourself that you can Achieve Anything that You Want to Achieved with a Good Intentions.

Grace C.

Lead Counsel, APAC | CIPP/E | ARRIS

Mauritz is a highly effective tutor and educator with a holisticapproach. Since beginning private tuitions with him, my 9 year olddaughter has greatly improved not just in her academicperformance but more importantly in her overall attitude tolearning and dealing with challenges.

Jonathan Gibbs

Chief Engineer at Maestro Ship Management

I highly recommend Zen Fitnesshk coaching/medicine!

John Edmundson

Director at The Ernest Bell Library

Mauritz Fensham is a very dedicated/very knowledgeable/verygenuine person. Anyone who is serious about improving theirfitness/health will benefit greatly from working with him.

Riaan Claase

Maths and English teacher. Artist/ cartoonist and Graphologist.

Highly recommended, very strong questioning and fantasticsupport. He's most certainly very confident and competent in hiscoaching ability.

Ines (Shields) Topps

Lead Teacher and Manager at Lee-on-the-Solent Infant and Nursery School

Cannot recommend highly enough - guided me through a reallycomplicated period - with rich questionning and strong support Iwas able to make some life changing decisions with clarity and Iam, absolutely, the better for it. Thank you with all my heart.

Luette Robertson

Human Resources at BBD Education

I had the privilege to work with Mauritz Fensham in one of the top Gym Groups in South Africa a couple of years ago. He was then heading up one of the most successful Sales & Marketing teams in the group. Under his leadership his team constantly achieved amazing results and regularly performed well above targets set by Head Office. Due to his skill Mauritz was utilized on a Regional level to assist other branches with their sales and marketing structures to achieve the required results. He is a dedicated professional with an extremely high work ethic and I can recommend him strongly for any senior leadership role.

Amanda Committie

Site Administrator Fraser Alexander Water Treatment

I'm self-assured in recommend Mauritz Fensham to Organizations that want to Invest in their sales teams Or employees to be seriously trained at High Level in a League of his own!!! In most of our eye his tremendously knowledgeable Fitness and Healthcare... Through his action he recognize that his Success begins and ends with his employees, clients and friends. It's because of his employees, clients and friends that they emerging as a Leader Team, in the long term Healthcare Industry. Mauritz Fensham is very thorough in his consultation & training which he add lots of value to problem solving, organising, task orientated, decision making, planning & Time Management. You may ask frequently questions, guaranteed Mauritz Fensham will always be of assistance to You!!! Mauritz Fensham personal traits Integrity, Confidence, Self Discipline, Patience, Perseverance & Assertiveness secure an appropriate position on a Professional Level in a Progressive and Development orientated Organization offering a challenging Future in which his experience can be Utilize! Thank you for your Interest in Healthcare and making Us aware... May the Lord Bless You Always...

Ceanlia Vermeulen

SEN Teacher at ALDAR Academies: Al Ain Academy

Dear Zen, I would like to write a recommendation for everyone to see what Zen is capable off. I'm Ceanlia Vermeulen, single Mom from South Africa working as a Special Education Needs teacher in Dubai. It’s a very demanding job and I neglected my heath. I worked long hours, lived on take-a-ways and did not exercise. Then I met Mauritz. He made me aware of the importance of physical fitness and nutrition. I’ve been Mauritz's client from 2012 till date, and I’m still going strong! The nutritional support and guidance is out of this world, as I trust Mauritz a lot but have a tendency to Google everything before I take part in it. He is spot on with his online training and coaching and my fat / muscle ratio changed extremely. I lost 47 kg's but have “muscle that runs the machine”, as Mauritz always explains it. I believe Mauritz background, experience, confidentiality and friendliness are the cornerstones to his success. He helped me achieved my goals from appearance, health to confidence based. He helped me grow through exercise but also made it clear that education is an important factor when committing to any new lifestyle. Mauritz explained that if I don’t understand something, I will not place trust in it. If I do not trust it, I will not dedicate to it. It was important from his viewpoint that I learn about health and fitness and in turn feel confident and happy. He taught me that if my body is comfortable and not stressed it will act the way I want it to. Mauritz also made sure that I understood that weight loss isn’t just about energy in vs. energy out! There are so many other components involved like hormonal responses and healthy, quality of calories, etc. He is worth trying, regardless of your goals. He is very goal orientated and will make sure you reach your goals, if you are disciplined. Thanks to Mauritz aka Zen, I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Belinde Davidson

MD Afoodaffair Catering and Events

I got to work with Mauritz Fensham early in 2007 whilst they were getting ready for the opening of one of the top Gym’s in South Africa. Mauritz headed up the sales team of about 15 fulltime agents for 6 months prior to the opening of the gym and assisted with the overall running and management of the New Club (Members, personal trainers, loyalty programmes, suppliers, contractors etc). The team achieved phenomenal results and with the opening weekend, signed up 6500 members – and exceeded their target with a total membership number of 18000. The team out-performed other clubs (on a continuous basis) and managed to achieve (and exceed) head office targets for 3 consecutive years. This put Mauritz in a position where he assisted other branches with their sales and marketing structures to achieve better results. I am confident to recommend Mauritz to any organisation wishing to give their sales team/department a serious boost, or to train your current employees to become extremely focused and goal driven!

Peter Keller

Representative- Greater China- Hong Kong, Macau,China, Taiwan at Galileo Maritime Academy - Superyacht Crew Training and Recruitment

A extremely knowledgeable fitness expert who is dedicated toproviding the highest level of training and consultation to hisclients.

Sarah Davis

Associate Managing Editor at ECPP

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Mauritz Fensham. I had the pleasure of working with Mauritz Fensham for publishing his work “Rewiring your Brain - Understanding Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychotherapy” in EC Psychology and Psychiatry. Also, we are collaborating once again for his upcoming other articles. Mauritz Fensham’s contribution has absolutely helped the organization as well as research community, as an author Mauritz Fensham earns my highest recommendation.

Jannah U. HAMID Business Executive Coach, ICF-ACC Mentor for Accredited Coaches Master Corporate Trainer of NLP, LC & Hypnosis Private Retreat Founder & Facilitator

I've had the opportunity to know and mentor Mauritz through his coaching journey. Through our professional interactions he has shown intense dedication to his line of work with an innate thirst to continuously learn and apply the most advanced techniques in his field. His yearning for cutting edge training methods drives his knowledge base and time and time again he shows his passion and drive for his result driven and heart centered practice. Its an honor to know him and work with him.

Harin Chongcharoenrat

Founder & CEO at LifeEnricher co.,lt

Mauritz is professional. He know when to apply which trick andtechnique for bringing the best result for his client. Yet! He has areally great intention for helping people. That the heart full ofpassion to support others. Love this guy.

Jacque Xu

Executive Coach (ICF certified) - NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner

NETFLIX : I'm not your guru I am lucky to have the chance to work with Mo. My first impression is that don’t be deceived by his build. In the Chinese analogy,(外钢,内柔)tough in external yet internally gentle. You will be easily magnetised by his deep smooth voice and one of his greatest traits is his metaphor. His efficient use of different metaphors to bringing out the hidden potential in you is...immaculate. If metaphor is something that makes you feel comfortably easier, Mauritz is the person to explore with. -Jacque

Col HK New

Yearband leader

I have known Mo Fensham for over twenty years and continue to have the most utmost respect for him, as a friend, personal training coach and tutor to both my children. Mo is a very kind, genuine and truly open-hearted person who really has an amazing rapport and connection with whoever has the fortune to meet and get to know him. He is knowledgeable and highly educated and is able to use this expertise when working alongside his clients. He has a very powerful impact with children, teenagers and adults. Mo worked closely with my son who required very specific support and guidance. My son was able to relate and connect with Mo on many levels and was thus able to gain confidence in himself. Mo had a very powerful message of resilience and growth mindset. Mo is a very motivational coach and trainer. He is committed and engaging. I would recommend anyone to work alongside such a kind, genuine person.


Appointed Specialist of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications

Mauritz has a very high work ethic and truly committed to serve he's clients with sincere passion and care. He's deep insight in a combination of NLP, psychotherapy, coaching and cognitive behaviour therapy is evident in he's result. He is extremely people focused and principles driven with a great understanding of people's behaviour and emotions to mention a few.
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