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I've been coaching people of all walks of life with great success across South East Asia.

  • Mauritz posses the talent, experience, and training to truly be a competent neuropsychologist. His professionalism has been nothing less than stellar. I highly recommend him!
    Fernanda Bastos 1st degree connection1st Fernanda has a account Psychologist/Executive Function Coach/ESE Teacher/Interpreter
  • With his extensive knowledge in both psychology and neuroscience, i was engaged in the unlimited potential our humans can cultivate.
    Rron Rizvanolli
    I help online coaches and consulants scale their business
  • It is my great pleasure to know Mauritz personally and professionally. Any people have a brief encounter with him can immediately sense a fascinating combination of both strength and kindness in his charismatic personality. Mauritz’s wisdom and professional knowledge in actualizing human potential for infinite growth and change truly impress me and surely entice one to have hours of inspiring intellectual exchange with him.
    Dr. Jackie Chan PHd Doctor of Psychology, Chartered Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Marriage and Family Therapist, PsyD, 陳曉洋博士 Chartered psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Counselor Educator
  • I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Mauritz Fensham. I had the pleasure of working with Mauritz Fensham for publishing his work “Rewiring your Brain - Understanding Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychotherapy” in EC Psychology and Psychiatry. Also, we are collaborating once again for his upcoming other articles. Mauritz Fensham’s contribution has absolutely helped the organization as well as research community, as an author Mauritz Fensham earns my highest recommendation.
    Sarah Davis
    Associate Managing Editor at ECPP
  • NETFLIX : I'm not your guru I am lucky to have the chance to work with Mo. My first impression is that don’t be deceived by his build. In the Chinese analogy,(外钢,内柔)tough in external yet internally gentle. You will be easily magnetised by his deep smooth voice and one of his greatest traits is his metaphor. His efficient use of different metaphors to bringing out the hidden potential in you is...immaculate. If metaphor is something that makes you feel comfortably easier, Mauritz is the person to explore with. -Jacque
    Jacque Xu
    Executive Coach (ICF certified) - NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner
  • I have known Mo Fensham for over twenty years and continue to have the most utmost respect for him, as a friend, personal training coach and tutor to both my children. Mo is a very kind, genuine and truly open-hearted person who really has an amazing rapport and connection with whoever has the fortune to meet and get to know him. He is knowledgeable and highly educated and is able to use this expertise when working alongside his clients. He has a very powerful impact with children, teenagers and adults. Mo worked closely with my son who required very specific support and guidance. My son was able to relate and connect with Mo on many levels and was thus able to gain confidence in himself. Mo had a very powerful message of resilience and growth mindset. Mo is a very motivational coach and trainer. He is committed and engaging. I would recommend anyone to work alongside such a kind, genuine person.
    Col HK New
    Yearband leader
  • Mauritz has a very high work ethic and truly committed to serve he's clients with sincere passion and care. He's deep insight in a combination of NLP, psychotherapy, coaching and cognitive behaviour therapy is evident in he's result. He is extremely people focused and principles driven with a great understanding of people's behaviour and emotions to mention a few.
    Appointed Specialist of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications

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